Fire departments and emergency medical services organizations provide a unique variety of services unlike those of any other governmental entity. Because of the highly technical and hazardous nature of those services, typical insurance programs for regular governmental entities often do not adequately cover this special field.

Continental Western Group’s Fire/EMS PAK Program was specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of fire departments and emergency medical services organizations. As such, it features many advantages over typical insurance coverages, including extremely competitive premiums.

Check some of these special features:

Agency Representation

Our Fire/EMS PAK insurance is administered through “managing state agencies” who have expert knowledge about the specialized operations of emergency response organizations. They work with your local insurance agent to provide the best possible insurance products and services for your

Package Policy

With Fire/EMS PAK, many of your insurance coverages are combined into single package policy, saving you both time and money. It offers one common expiration date and one billing.

Rate Guarantee

We guarantee that your Fire/EMS PAK policy rates will not increase for three (3) years.

Waived Deductible

In any single loss occurrence to your property, only one deductible (the largest) will apply, no matter what kind of property is damaged or how many policies apply to the loss.

Renewal Premium Discount

We will reward your loyalty by providing special premium discounts for every year you continue to renew your Fire/EMS PAK policy.

Claim Service

Our primary goal is to provide prompt, fair service. Continental Western settles all claims with our own field adjusters or independent adjusting firms hired by us, depending on the particular situation. Seasoned managers who understand the specialized operations of emergency response organizations manage your claims. We are very proud of the fast, fair claim service we provide to our policyholders.

Risk Management Service

Losses are very costly to your organization, and our experience suggests that many of them can be avoided. We can help you reduce your losses by providing you with advice in many areas of risk management. Our staff includes professionals who have conducted specialized training for emergency response organizations. In addition, we have technical information that is available to you. We can also provide safety forms, self-inspection materials, guides to formulating standard operating procedures and more. We know the fire and emergency response service is continually changing and improving. We work to stay current with the latest information related to the various emergency response services.

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides coverage for your buildings and business personal property (property that stays on or within 1,000 feet of your premises). It does not include portable equipment, which is insured under Inland Marine Insurance. Coverage is provided for all causes of loss except those limited or excluded.

Special Property Insurance Features:

  • Actual loss sustained for 1 year for Business Income and Extra Expense.
  • Up to $10,000 for loss of or damage to business personal property and money and securities resulting from dishonest acts of your volunteers, members, employees, directors, trustees and board members, including faithful performance of duty. Higher limits are available.
  • Up to the total building and contents limit for loss or damage caused by mechanical, electrical or pressure systems breakdown.
  • Actual loss sustained resulting from the enforcement of any building ordinance or law resulting from a covered loss to your building.
  • Earthquake and Flood coverage is available.
  • Up to $25,000 for loss from water damage due to the backup of sewers or drains. Higher limits are available.
  • Coverage for business personal property temporarily off-premises and in transit.
  • Up to $10,000 for theft or destruction of money and securities either on or off your premises. Higher limits are available.
  • Up to $50,000 for outdoor signs and computers. Higher limits are available.
  • Valuation of building and business personal property is on a replacement cost basis.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance provides coverage for your property that is movable and not confined to your premises. This includes all portable fire fighting, ambulance, medical, rescue and communications equipment not permanently attached to your buildings or vehicles. It also covers watercraft and related equipment, and vehicles that are not licensed for regular highway use such as snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. Flood and earthquake coverage are included on all Inland Marine forms. Your property is covered for all causes of loss except those specifically limited or excluded. Your portable equipment is valued on a guaranteed replacement cost basis.

Other Property Coverages

Coverage is provided to cover property you commandeer and use during an emergency response. Coverage is provided for personal effects and property of others in your care, custody and control and personal effects of your volunteers and employees damaged or destroyed while performing authorized duties. We also pay to rent equipment if your regular portable equipment is damaged or destroyed.

Public and Professional Liability Insurance

Subject to the conditions of the policy, we insure your organization against judgments stemming from bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. We also cover management liability to pay those sums which you become legally obligated to pay as damages for breach of official duty due to negligent act, wrongful act or error or omission. We cover your premises and operations. We will defend suits seeking damages. All of the liability coverage is written on an occurrence basis.

Special Liability Insurance Features:

  • Annual aggregate limit is for each named insured and for each premises.
  • Coverage for fire damage legal liability for a fire loss at premises you rent.
  • Coverage for premises medical payments.
  • Insureds include your trustees, directors, employees and volunteers.
  • Pollution and asbestos liability coverage for emergency response operations or training exercises.
  • Fire suppression liability for intentional acts, rekindle incidents and property damage.
  • Coverage for all owned and non-owned watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs.
  • Coverage for injunctive relief defense.
  • Host liquor liability is provided and liquor liability is available.
  • Special events liability coverage.
  • Fellow employee/volunteer liability coverage.
  • EMS liability for all employees and volunteers, except physicians.
  • Good Samaritan liability for all employees and volunteers, except physicians.
  • Management liability, errors and omissions prior acts coverage is available.
  • Contingent aircraft liability.
  • Employee benefits liability.
  • Employment practices liability is available.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance provides liability and may provide physical damage coverage for vehicles, apparatus and trailers licensed for highway use. Our liability coverage pays judgments stemming from bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident and resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of any auto. Our physical damage coverage pays losses to a covered auto and its attached equipment under comprehensive and collision coverage. Eligible vehicles are valued on a designated value basis. On a loss, there will be no deduction for depreciation or use.

Special Auto Insurance Features:

  • An auto you commandeer for an emergency is covered on a primary liability basis.
  • Your employees and volunteers are insured for liability.
  • Fellow employee/volunteer liability coverage for your employees or volunteers.
  • Unlimited primary physical damage coverage for commandeered autos with no deductible.
  • Coverage for personal auto damage reimbursement.
  • Coverage for mutual aid expense reimbursement or rental reimbursement, including loss of use.
  • Coverage for freezing of permanently attached special equipment.
  • Automatic increase in coverage based on quarterly % you select.
  • Coverage for towing and labor expense on any vehicle.
  • Coverage for debris removal expense for a damaged vehicle.
  • Glass breakage on any vehicle has no deductible.
  • A newly acquired vehicle is automatically covered for 60 days.

Continental Western Group

This policy is written by a member company of Continental Western Group, a provider of property and casualty insurance solutions for over 100 years. CWG is part of the W.R. Berkley Corporation, one of the top 25 P&C insurance companies in the United States. We are proud to be regionally-focused and close to our agents and policyholders. This close relationship allows us to stay informed of local market issues and quickly respond to your changing insurance needs.

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